Date Published Title Guest Podcast Topics Stocks Audio
Sep 04, 2022 TDI Podcast: Ugly Two-Headed Llama (#780)

Thomas Thornton

Two Headed Llama, Market Sell-Off, Hedge Funds, Policy Mistakes, Trading Lessons (OIL), (UNG) play
Aug 28, 2022 TDI Podcast: Alt-Invest with Dave Kavanagh (#779)

Dave Kavanagh

Alternative Investing, Commodities, Trading, Investment Discipline (@CL), (DXY), (UNG), (CORN) play
Mar 05, 2014 TDI Podcast: NY State Of Mind, Putin Ruins the Party and a Media Rant…(#353)

(TSLA), (TWTR), (UNG), (GLD), (@CL), (PNRA), (CMG), (MCD) play
Feb 09, 2014 TDI Podcast: Dennis Gartman’s Take and Blaming the Weather (#350)

Dennis Gartman

(SODA), (GMCR), (SBUX), (PG), (UNG), (GLD) play
Dec 09, 2012 TDI Podcast: Outlook for 2012, Tweets Answered and Color on China Eco Data (#292)

Chiina, Retail, Economics, Year end (AAPL), (GOOG), (VRA), (UNG) play
Aug 19, 2012 TDI Podcast: Presidential Cycles, Sector Rotation and The VIX (#276)

Tom McClellan

Vix, McClellan Oscillator, Economics, Sector Rotation (AAPL) (GOOG) (TVIX) (UNG) play
Mar 11, 2012 TDI Podcast: Mark Hanna’s Outlook, Green Mountain (GMCR) and More (#254)

Mark Hanna

Greece Default, Green Mountain Coffee, Natural Gas, Energy, Economics (UNG), (WPRT), (GMRC),(CLNE),(CRR), (MCP) play
Mar 04, 2012 TDI Podcast: Fusion Analytics with Joshua Brown and The Non-Default Default (#253)

Joshua Brown

Natural Gas, Day, Greece, Europe,Earnings, Apple, Emplyment (UNG), (WPRT), (QCOR),(LNG),(CLR), (WTI), (AAPL),(WYNN) (SFLY) play
Feb 26, 2012 TDI Podcast: NatGas-Athon With Frank Curzio (#252)

Frank Curzio

Natural Gas, Day Trading, Greece, Europe,Earnings (UNG), (WPRT), (QCOR),(LNG),(CLR), (WTI), (CHK),(CLNE) play
Feb 19, 2012 TDI Podcast: Day Trading, Natural Gas and Euro Blowhards (#251)

Fausto Pugliese

Natrual Gas, Day Trading, Greece, Europe (UNG), (CROX),(WPI),(CLR),(QCOM) play
Feb 05, 2012 TDI Podcast – S&P Demystifies Commodity and VIX ETFs (#249)

Siddhartha Oberoi

VIX, TweetWeek, Markets, Europe, Retail Investors, Earnings (PPO) (UNG) (GMCR) (AAPL) (QQQ) (AMZN) play
Jan 29, 2012 TDI Podcast – Rigged Money with Lee Munson and Up is Down, Down is Up (#248)

Lee Munson

Markets, Europe, Retail Investors, Earnings (AAPL) (GOOG) (UNG) (SPY) (NFLX) (BAC) play