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Feb 12, 2023 TDI Podcast: Catnip for Investors (#803)

Investor Catnip, Fed Charade, Disinflation, AI Defined (BBBY), (MSFT), (BIDU), (AI) play
Aug 22, 2021 TDI Podcast: YCharts with Sean Brown (#728)

Sean Brown

Research Platforms, YCharts, China Crackdown, Markets, Outlook (BABA), (KWEB), (DIDI), (BIDU) play
Jan 09, 2021 TDI Podcast: Scaring Ourselves Silly (#696)

Fixed Income, Scary Headlines, Listener Questions, China Stocks, Emotions (TSLA), (SPY), (BTCUSD), (TAN), (BIDU), (BABA) play
Sep 20, 2015 TDI Podcast: The Fed Blinked (#430)

Fed rate move, China, Cyber Security, Gold move, Stocks (FEYE), (FIT), (ORCL), (MSFT), (BABA), (GPRO), (BIDU), (PANW) play
May 18, 2014 TDI Podcast – Mixed Up Market (#364)

hedging, India, Markets, Economics, Stocks to Watch (LNKD), (BIDU), (SPY), (IWM) play
May 11, 2014 TDI Podcast: What the Heck and Are You Kidding? (#363)

Jim Cramer on Alibaba, Market Hype is overdone, Correction coming, Stocks to buy and sell, (TAP), (AKRX), (MELI), (LNKD), (APOL), (SAFM), (BIDU) play
Jan 26, 2014 TDI Podcast: Larry Williams, Emerging Markets and Dolphin Fans (#348)

Larry Williams

Emerging markets, Currencies, futures, trading (BIIB), (SVA), (BCRX), (MSFT), (NFLX), (BIDU), (SINA), (DANG) play
Oct 27, 2013 TDI Podcast: Frank Curzio’s BEST Company in the World (#336)

Frank Curzio

China, Tesla, Valuations, small-cap stocks, earnings, Facebook (TSLA), (FB), (NQ), (BIDU),(NTES),(XOM),(BBY),(AMZN) play
Jan 20, 2013 TDI Podcast: Trading Success Stories with Amy Smith from Investor’s Business Daily (#297)

Amy Smith

Techincals, Trading, Economy, Stocks (SWI), (SODA), (BIDU), (DDD) play
Oct 29, 2012 TDI Podcast: SANDY!!!!! and Satyajit Das (#286)


China, Europe, Market Trend, Earnings, FOMC, Hurricane (AAPL), (AMZN), (GS), (BIDU) play
Apr 29, 2012 TDI Podcast: Trends and Cycles – What To Expect Next and How to Prepare (#261)

Mark Hanna

Larry Williams

Larry Williams

IBD Market Trend, Market Cycles, Europe, China, Earnings (AAPL), (CROX), (BIDU), (GOOG), (LNKD), (TPX), (GS), (SIMO), (BWLD) play