Why You Should Listen to DHUnplugged

DHUnplugged is a podcast that I co-host with famed tech writer John C. Dvorak. Each Tuesday we discuss the latest news related and unrelated to business/investing. We cover the gamut of topics that are meant to entertain and educate.

Sometimes we get a bit off topic and wander into areas such as the scientific reasons why asparagus makes your pee smell funny. We even discuss the latest on the vomitoxin fungus and go so far as to ponder many of the latest political guffaws heard during the week.

Of course  we also hit upon the latest from Apple and Amazon, Snap and Serepta, as well as all the companies making news. Markets are always in focus whether it is the goings on in the U.S. or abroad. Bitcoin and gold are a crowd favorite as we contemplate where the next move will be.

Perhaps the best of all, we live stream the discussion at 9pm each Tuesday – along with a live chatroom.

But wait, there’s more!

You have a chance to play along with us as we host the Closest To The Pin Contests. Listeners can participate by entering a guess for a stock price on a certain day in the future – the closest guess to the closing price wins a one of a kind DHUnplugged T-Shirt and signed certificate.

Even better, we end each show with a weekly stock picks segment that pits John against Andrew to see who has the best stocks picking prowess. All of the picks are then tracked in real time on the Weekly Stocks Picks area on DHUnplugged.

So, if you want to listen and have some fun – this podcast is for you.