TDI Podcast: The Straight Scoop From Das (#385)

Guest: Satyajit Das explains what is going on around the world markets and gives us a behind the scenes look as to why this correction is occurring. We also explore the real options for the EuroZone, metals and commodities. Some of the more important aspects of the ECB’s plan to revive Europe are also put under a scrutiny in this episode.

Earnings season is actually providing some solace for investors as companies are a bit more upbeat and earnings are keeping pace/outrunning estimates. All good to keep a reasonable amount of buying interest. More importantly, we discuss how the Fed is once again trying to calm markets with their recent commentary. What are they saying and what will the do?   Listen in….


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Satyajit Das has worked in financial derivatives, risk management, and capital markets for over 30+ years.

Since 1994, Mr. Das has acted as a consultant to financial institutions and corporations in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Previously, between 1977 and 1994, Mr. Das worked on the `sell side‘ (Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Citicorp Investment Bank and Merrill Lynch) and the `buy side‘ (Treasurer of the TNT Group, an Australian based international transport and logistics company).

Das is the author of a number of key reference works on derivatives and risk management. His works include Swaps/ Financial Derivatives Library Third Edition (2005, John Wiley & Sons) (a 4 volume 4,200 page reference work for practitioners on derivatives) and Credit Derivatives, CDOs and Structured Credit Products Third Edition (2005, John Wiley & Sons). He is the author of Traders, Guns & Money: Knowns and Unknowns in the Dazzling World of Derivatives (2006, FT-Prentice Hall), an insider‘s account of derivatives trading and the financial products business filled with black humor and satire. The book has been described by the Financial Times, London as ” fascinating reading explaining not only the high-minded theory behind the business and its various products but the sometimes sordid reality of the industry”.

S&P 500 Long-Term P/E Ratio (Discussed in this episode)