TDI Podcast: The Blacklist With Ronnie Moas (#378)

Guest: Ronnie Moas provides us with a take on misguided capitalism that puts profits above employees. Who is the company ultimately responsible to… the employee or the shareholders? We find out more about how this and the companies that have made his Blacklist.

With the S&P 500 reaching a record, what does the future hold? More deals and M&A cropping up… All discussed in this episode.

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moasRonnie Moas is the Founder & Director of Research at Standpoint Research. The company currently advises and sells its research to pension funds, hedge funds, day-traders and asset management firms. Mr. Moas began his career on Wall Street as an analyst and market strategist at leading Nasdaq market maker Herzog Heine Geduld. He was responsible for making sector, industry and stock recommendations, identifying arbitrage opportunities and hedging strategies. During his years at HHG, he demonstrated remarkable accuracy with his market forecasts and stock recommendations. Mr. Moas left HHG in late 2000 (before the sale of HHG to Merrill Lynch was finalized) in order to start his own firm — a few months after correctly forecasting the Nasdaq collapse in a timely manner.


Ronnie’s Philanthropy and Philosophy Site


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