TriggerPoint Research Equities: Stocks Poised to Plunge

The market has been rapidly rising for almost all of 2013 and shorting anything other than commodities has proven to be quite costly.   However, as there is always a bull market somewhere, there is also a bear market.   Sectors rotate, industries become out of favor and opportunities arise from these changes.

Using TriggerPoint Research‘s proprietary algorithm we have identified some of those stocks with the potential to breakdown.   While they have not quite hit that point, these stocks are on our watch-list for a TPR Equity ALERT!

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BD Setups

5-20-2013 3-18-13 PM

Please see important risk disclosures before acting on this ALERT!

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Symbol(s): ADT, CRR, DF, DVA, ED, EOG, GIS, IRM, MHK, MSFT, PEG, SJM, UNM, WMT in @TriggerTrading, Setups