Month: July 2012

TODAY! – TPR Webinar: TAS Tools with Steve Dahl

There are many tools that are freely used and there are those that are coveted. In this class we will roll-up our sleeves and get into some of the specific tools that professional traders use to trade technical patterns.

Market profiles, Maps, iRatio and other TAS Pro tools will be presented...

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Hedgies Watch This Closely – ESI Updated

We know that many of the macro player out there watch this particular index closely. Over the past several months, the Economic Surprise Index (ESI) has been on a straight path down.

Essentially this is an easy way to look at actual economic as compared to where estimates were. Often times...

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NO, The Hindenburg Omen DID NOT TRIGGER – Some Clarification

Last night I was reading some interesting commentary that stated that the Hindenburg Omen, a somewhat obscure technical indicator, had been triggered. However, just the day before, I was reading Tom McClellan’s daily commentary which explicitly stated that only parts of the equation that make up the signal had been...

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Images From Cambodia – Our Summer Travel

First stop, Cambodia.

Cambodia is a very interesting country. Its history dates back for some time, but it was really the last 30 or so years that have shaped its current tradition. After the Khmer Rouge killed as many as 3 million people from this small country, they were...

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Spain: The Game is Almost Over – Immediate Action or Bust

Yields have surged again to record levels in Spain today. The auction earlier was not received to well and that created new angst for investors. Interestingly, the 5-yr rate was above the 10-yr (inverted curve) signalling that the country no longer has the ability to fund its short term obligations.


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