Month: July 2012

TPR Webinar: TAS Tools with Steve Dahl

There are many tools that are freely used and there are those that are coveted. In this class we will roll-up our sleeves and get into some of the specific tools that professional traders use to trade technical patterns.

Market profiles, Maps, iRatio and other TAS Pro tools will be presented...

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When the Spearman Rolls….

The trusty Spearman indicator is showing an overbought condition that is now correcting. Looking at the chart, notice the highlighted areas.

Often times when the Spearman Indicator begins to roll under the moving average from above the overbought level, there is a correction. While the indicator cannot provide the magnitude or...

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Yen Approaching 2000 High Against Euro – Intervention Ahead!

This is not at all good for Japan’s exporters. Already there has been “strong words” by Japan’s finance officials that they are ready to use extraordinary measures to protect the exporters through monetary policy. This plan is probably one of the reasons that the U.S. dollar is nearing the lows...

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Animated Drought Monitor – Last 12 Weeks

The drought is definitely getting worse. Now corn prices are close to a record and Soybeans hit a record just yesterday.

Ranchers are going outside the U.S. to buy their feed and food costs are rising. Watch out for restaurant stocks off of earnings.

The image below will cycle through 12 weeks...

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Where is S&P Support – Watch for These Levels

There is some decent support coming for the S&P 500 futures contract. We have often looked at the S&P 500 index (cash) for levels, but the futures contract can also hold some interesting clues as to support and resistance levels.

Notice on the chart below that there is a good line...

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