TDI Podcast: No One Cares About Europe – Just Give Me MORE Stimulus!!! (#268)

Guest:  Jennifer McKeown, Capital Economics takes us through the windy road of the rumor mill and the potential cost of the European bailouts. But, does anyone really care? As the world economies crumble, everything will be done to protect it – as long as everything means adding unsustainable debt-loads to countries that can’t meet their payments. Good for USA and commodities to be sure…

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Jennifer McKeown works with Jonathan Loynes on Europe. She has a particular focus on Germany, France and Switzerland. Jennifer joined Capital Economics from the Bank of England, where she worked in Monetary Analysis on the UK and then the euro-zone. She has degrees in Economics from University College London and the University of East Anglia.

Capital Economics is one of the leading independent macro economic research consultancies in the world, providing research on the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and the UK, and on the property sector. Founded in 1999, we have gained an enviable reputation for original and insightful research and have built up a wide and distinguished client base. We produce publications for world-wide distribution and offer support to clients in their respective time-zones through our offices in Toronto, London and Singapore.

Over 1200 institutions across the globe, ranging from some of the world‘s largest banks to boutique property investors, subscribe to our publication packages. They include fund managers, insurance companies, pension funds, investment banks, hedge funds, stockbrokers, retailers, house builders, property developers, construction companies, building societies and specialist lenders. We are our clients‘ outsourced economic advisers.

Our main business is the provision, mainly by e-mail, of regular pieces of written economic research which are sold in packages for annual subscription. In addition we are available for telephone queries and discussion and we give presentations. Presentations can be at clients‘ offices to management groups or at larger venues to hundreds of clients and invited guests. We also undertake bespoke research projects commissioned by companies, government agencies, and trade associations.

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