TDI Podcast: Changing Trend, Is Apple’s Run Over? (#258)

The market is in a new phase as there rally may be coming to an end. Is it over forever? That is something we explore and a good deal more. We also delve into the Eco Surprise Index and what is making Andrew Nervous.


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Some of the topics covered:

  • China service PMI slowing
  • Unemployment at 8.2% – there’s a catch
  • Is Apples move over?
  • Employment numbers and explanation
  • Is FED really done?
  • Market trend change
  • What to expect next week -Eco, Earnings
  • Listeners write in – What is Andrew’s daily routine?
  • Cranky – Eco surprise index
  • Larry Williams – predicted 4/20 was end of rally (sell May?) props to Larry!
  • Goldman’s 1,250 call for the S&P 500

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