Sunday Fun: Loving Dropbox – Don’t You? (Video)

I love this service. It makes life soooo much easier. If you have not tried it, you should…


From WSJ:

Dropbox Inc. followed the Internet start-up playbook to a tee last year.

The online file-sharing company became a hot property in Silicon Valley and snagged a $250 million in venture capital at a $4 billion valuation. It even secured celebrity investments from U2’s Bono and his bandmate, The Edge.

Now comes the hard part: Living up to the hype.

At that valuation, five-year-old Dropbox is worth as much as companies with multi-billions in revenue, such as Cablevision Systems Corp. and Expedia Inc.

Through little more than word-of-mouth the company has racked up more than 50 million customers.