Want To Help Out On A Project?

As we mentioned last week, we are working with Miami Dolphin Jason Taylor on a very special project. Jason has been working hard, through his foundation to help create an after-school program designed to offer a holistic approach to addressing the problem of illiteracy among inner-city youth.

However, since the cost of tuition for the Reading Room is $1,000 per child, the program‘s success is largely based on the foundation‘s ability to find generous donors to sponsor the kids in the program. With a dedicated committee, I am working with friends and associates with close ties to Jason to meet the initiative‘s goal of raising $100,000 over the next six months in order to underwrite the tuition for 100 kids.

Please DONATE To This Special Project –
The Jason Taylor Reading Room

NOTE: Whatever you can donate is much appreciated, $10, $50, $250 or more will be put to good use funding the Reading Room tuition(s).
The Jason Taylor Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Tax Identification Number 20-1452369