Month: January 2010

TDI Podcast 146: Curzio-iPad-Eco-Solar-Bears-Obama

Guest: Frank Curzio and Andrew discuss the economics of this market. When will it turn up or down and how to invest. We also spend some time on the Apple iPad and what made investors sell off the stock. Reaction to the Obama State of the Union as well as...

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Sunday Fun: Sushi on a Naked Body

Well, this is not at all related to finance, but…..

Think of it as expanding your culture and time to look at the interesting aspects of other country’s epicurean likes and dislikes.

(There are male and female models that can provide this gastronomic delight)

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GDP In Charts – Too Hot to Handle?

GDP was surprisingly hot on the announcement today, coming in at5.7% vs the expected 4.7%. We heard some whispers that Goldman (GS) had been predicting a high number last week and by golly they were right!

Immediately the dollar gained ground and the markets shot up…. for a moment. There is...

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Durable Goods Orders – The Facts and The Fluff

I am always taken by the divergence of opinions when looking at identical data. This has been more of the norm of late as the so many want to see the glass as half full after the financial ravages that we saw last year.

Now, depending on where you get your...

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Oil Inventories Tell The Story – With a Twist

On a weekly basis, oil inventories dropped as was the same for gasoline. But, looking at the TOTAL gasoline inventories shows us the end demand is not there. Oil companies are busy drilling and refining, but there is an obvious problem with sales to the consumer.


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