Month: January 2010

Indicators We are Watching – Gold (GLD) Basing, Dollar Topping?

On low volume and now basing at $105, that level on Gold shares (GLD) is looking like a good point of support.

Any softening of the U.S. dollar should push (GLD) toward $110-$112. That will also help a wide range of commodities.

Click on each of the charts for further information and...

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TDI Podcast 142 – Identifying Winning Chart Trends

Guest: Kevin Hoffmann and Andrew continue the discussion of QuantaFundaTechna and how to pinpoint stocks that may outperform. This episode picks up where we left off from TDI Episode 141 and focuses on the Technical (Charting) aspects of investing. Stochastics, Oscillators, RSI, MACD and other indicators are discussed in depth.

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Sunday Fun: A Great iPhone Currency (FX) App for Free

Simplex FX is an analysis tool for the Forex.   (Get at iTunes store HERE for free)
You can get access to real-time foreign exchange rates and charts. By setting positions in the Portfolio in advance, you can also check your profit and loss information.

Main Features and Functions of...

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Links and Reading for January 3rd

Some of the more interesting and important items for January 3rd :

Stiglitz Says Crisis Exposed ‘Major Flaws’ in Economics Ideas – But still nothing has changed…
Tiger Woods scandal cost shareholders up to $12 billion – WOW. The worl'ds most expensive *&@(#^!
Hacker Says He Broke Cellular Code – Possible???Read More