Month: January 2010

Links and Reading for January 4th

Some of the more interesting and important items for January 4th :

Is 2010 the year of wireless congestion? – Now what? Limits on usage? Spectrum additions?
Natural-gas ETF burned investors in 2009 ETF Investing – Better late than never I suppose. WAY LATE. May be time to buy then….. :-)Read More

Barron’s – Helping Rackspace (RAX) to Vault Higher

A good story about a somewhat old story in Barron’s this weekend. The “Cloud” will be something to seriously contend with the author believes and cites a few companies that may see significant financial benefit from the upcoming mass-adoption.

Too bad that Rackspace (RAX) was left out as they are one...

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“Dogs of the Dow” for 2010 and an Update of the 2009 Pooches

Each year, the Dogs-of-the-Dow are recalculated in January to find the 10 DJIA members with the highest dividend yield. This year there have been few changes to the names that look to be included in this strategy for 2010. We also need to consider the fact that higher yielding...

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This Week’s 15 Hottest Reads on TDI

For the Week of December 28 – December 31, 2009. The week’s most read stories on The Disciplined – in order of popularity. Want it faster? You can get instant updates via Twitter. Follow @andrewhorowitz.
The 15 Hottest and Most Read Stories on TDI

1. Indicators We...

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Economics of the Day: Rumor Mill was WAY OFF, But Inflation is Here

We had some economic news today that was mixed. Early morning rumor mills were suggesting that the ISM Manufacturing index would surge to 65. If you recall, over the past few weeks we posting charts and discussions on the Richmond, Philly and the Empire manufacturing indicies. Each was weak and...

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