TDI Podcast 92: An Unavoidable Depression? (Dent and Shedlock)

Guests: Harry S. Dent Jr. and Mike “Mish” Shedlock help to uncover the market’s direction for the next few months. Harry provides us an important update and sobering outlook for an economy. We questions whether or not a full-blown depression in inevitable.

Mish provides us with excellent insight into the direction for the markets and a target for the S&P 500 index. We explore the recent market calls by Peter Schiff, the economic outlook and somehow we even get into a discussion about “SECx and Bernie Madoff.” Don’t miss the revealing audio from Suze Orman explaining why she is disappointed that only 1.4 million downloaded her latest (free) book.


Harry S. Dent is the founder and President of the H. S. Foundation whose mission is “Helping People Understand Change”. Using exciting new research, developed from years of hands-on business experience, Mr. Dent offers a refreshingly positive and understandable view of the future.

In his book The Great Boom Ahead, published in 1992, Mr. Dent stood virtually alone in accurately forecasting the unanticipated “Boom” of the 1990s. Today he continues to educate audiences about his predictions for the next and possibly last great bull market, from late 2005 into early to mid 2010. Since 1992 he has authored two consecutive best sellers The Roaring 2000s and The Roaring 2000s Investor (Simon and Schuster). Mr. Dent also publishes the HS Dent Forecast newsletter, which offers current analysis of economic, and financial market trends. Be sure to check out his latest book:       PREVIEW: THE GREAT DEPRESSION AHEAD

Mike “Mish” Shedlock is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management. He is a regular guest on TDI Podcast and has helped thousands of listeners protect their money during these very turbulent financial times. As Mish tells us, “Sitka Pacific is an asset management firm whose goal is strong performance and low volatility, regardless of market direction.”

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