Strategy Lab: My Stock Picks in this Mess

In my 20-plus years of professionally investing money, I have never seen such a difficult market. Even 2000-2002 seemed to make more sense than this; there was a clear demarcation that saw a bubble quickly burst, rather than today when we have a slow bleed that eventually pops.

Though I have tried, recently it has been very difficult for me to find any investments I like either for a long or short entry. The markets are taking apart portfolios with a vengeance, and it is clear that a high level of cash with a strategy that is finely disciplined is the only way to survive.

I have carefully searched through the list of securities my team produces using a refined screen that has helped find a few winners even in this market environment. Yet, out of the 65 stocks that it flags as possibilities, only a few seem to have the fundamentals and the technical attributes that are appealing.

Stocks: Chattam (CHTT) Apple (AAPL) Thor Industries (THOR) Flir Systems (FLIR) Preferred ETF (PGF) and more….

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