The Week Ahead: A Few Nuggets

This week will be full of exciting earnings announcements that may actually show some promise. As investor anxiety grows, sometimes a stock will mistakenly get caught up in the hysteria/euphoria and shares will behave erratically. In these conditions, if  a company can prove that it isn’t in imminent danger by showing a string of solid earnings in the face of financial adversity, investors will bid shares up with a vengeance.

There may actually be a few nuggets that will show up this week. Yes, even in a market that seems to whipsaw investors around daily, there may be a few good stocks out there. Even in the worst forest fire there is usually some form of life left that will help to bring life out of the ashes. With that in mind, here are few ideas to ponder:

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Stocks: (SCHW) (C) (IBKR) (FNM) (FRE) (OXPS) (INTC) (EBAY) (COF) (GOOG) (MAT)