TDI Episode 62: Bye Bye Mr. American Lie

Guest: Zach Scheidt, Hedge Fund Manager. We discuss the IPO market and Andrew is back on his soapbox on the Lehman letter saying that a big part of the problem is the lies and PR spin by the financials. We answer some listener questions and get into a few hedging ideas with the use of ETFs. We even dare discuss the idea of shorting the DJ Oil Index!

Zach ScheidtZach Scheidt is the founder and Managing General Partner of Stearman Capital, LP. After graduating with honors from Lee University, Zach attended Georgia State University at night while beginning his career in the securities industry. He then received his MBA in 2001 and also achieved the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2003.


Note: Zach’s IPO/New Issue Hedge Fund is available for qualified investors.

Zach is an avid writer (you have to subscribe to his blog) and periodically publishes articles on individual securities as well as sector and general market themes. He is a regular contributor to Seeking Alpha and has been quoted in numerous financial publications including the Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo Finance. A participating member of the Atlanta Society of Financial Analysts, Mr Scheidt maintains an active profile in the Atlanta investment community. Also, read Zach’s excellent article on Hedge Funds….

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