Money Girl – Stock Screens

Excerpt from the recent MoneyGirl Episode:

(Yes, I am still guest host!)

Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary states that the word Quantitative can have varied meanings. For our purposes, we will look at only two:

(Math.) The resolving of problems by reducing the conditions that are in them to equations.
(Logic) The tracing of things to their source, and the resolving of knowledge into its original principles.

So, essentially, we are looking to utilize simple or even complex equations to find stocks that meet certain criteria through an automated system…

…Once you get the hang of the idea, the process is simple. What you need to do is to get your hands on a good screening tool to help with process. The one I recommend is provided by MSN Money. While you can use MSN’s screener for free, in order to make use of the advanced features, you will need to have an MSN Hotmail or Passport account, which again is free and after you‘ve completed the quick registration you can navigate to the MSN Money screening page.

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