TDI Podcast 27: The Elephant in the Room

Guest: Herb Greenberg, Marketwatch. We review the mistakes investors make and find out where Herb gets his information for researching markets. He explains tools and his methods. Herb is on the money, a great mind to listen and learn from!Herb Greenberg

What and will the Fed cut…Do We Care? Herb explains that the market is pushing the Fed decision rather than the Fed working as it normal does. He also explains the Fed’s role in the markets. (or what they should be)

Herb also provides tips on what to look for and what to stay away from when getting investment advice. Listener’s questions are answered.TDI Podcast 27

Herb’ s work and writings can be found at: CNBC, , his Blog and the Saturday edition of the Wall Street Journal

Stocks Mentioned in Podcast: (FLIR) (CROX) (AAPL) (GE) (HANS) (ZUMZ)

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