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Finding the Perfect Broker

Great writeup in Barron’s this week that covers online brokers. Actually, some may be on- and off-line, but this is a good reference point to find out which platform may be the best fit once you leave your high priced broker. Of course that assumes that you are looking...

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Report: 1Q Economic Commentary and Outlook (Free!)

Each quarter we write a detailed review of how the global economic climate responded to varying conditions and what we see ahead.   here are a few of the areas we cover in detail this quarter.

Usually, this is only available to clients of Horowitz & Company, but this quarter we...

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Recent Proshares Capital Gains – Tax Problem?

There have been several significant capital gain distributions from our friends over at Proshares. As the year progressed, the gains grew for many of the Short ETFs and now they are passing-through to shareholders. (See list of distributions HERE)

On one hand, it is great that there have been gains in...

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The Week in Preview: Mixed Bag

At best it was a week that was difficult at worst it was a very concerning sign about what is to come. We have finally seen a significant drop in the overall sentiment due to extraordinarily high oil prices mixed with an unemployment level at 5.5%. The mixture of...

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The Week In Preview – June 2nd

Excerpt from The Week in Preview for AOL Finance/Blogging Stocks:

How did we get here anyway? Housing and construction companies have been crushed as the bubble burst and now investors have to make a critical decision. Do you stay and hope for a recovery or bag it and move to another...

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The Week In Preview – Gifts for Dad

Here is the recent article that appeared on AOL Finance/Blogging Stocks this week:

Stocks Reviewed: (DBRN) (DELL) (GMTN) (LGF) (MW) (MNRO) (MOV) (RL) (SNDA) (SHLD)

Father’s Day is around the corner. Why not spend some time looking at the coming earnings and how Dad’s Day may have an impact. It is funny...

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The Week in Preview – Misery Loves these Companies

An excerpt from my weekly AOL Money/Finance column:

The earnings party of last week was full of fun and frolic. For the most part, if you followed my list of recommendations, you would have had you very own “Fiesta de Finance.” (See Week in Preview May 5)

The earnings season...

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AOL Finance: The Week In Preview May 5-9

An excerpt from my weekly AOL Money/Finance column:
The week in preview: Optimism reigns, but will earnings news prolong the fiesta?
May 5th – 9th 2008 – We are investing in optimistic times. News — good or bad — seems to magically morph into an opportunity to move markets higher....

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Andrew on AOL Finance: A BlogFest

I wrote a ton of research and analysis this week. All trying to find a good story to begin the process of movingthe huge cash position we have created for client accounts to something worthwhile. No need for me to tell you about the markets or the economic...

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