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TDI Podcast: The Next Crash, Stocks, Gold with Harry Dent (#362)

Guest: Harry Dent discusses his views on the price direction of gold and the markets. We explore the emerging markets as well as the real estate bubble that is forming.

Will gold crash and when? What will be the result of companies buying back so much of their stock? Listen in...

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TDI Podcast 197: Peter Schiff on Gold, China and More….

Guest: Peter Schiff, Europacific Capital is our guest this episode. Gold, China, inflation and the U.S. dollar are all topics on the table for discussion. Is it gold’s last stand or will it break through to new all-time highs? We cover inflation and the effects on the emerging markets in...

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TDI Podcast 126: Gold Bears and Bullish Neon Sightings

Guests: Jon Markman, MSN Money and Vitaliy Katsenelson, Investment Management Associates. We discuss the value of Gold…or said better we ask the question of how to value gold. Is China telling us the whole story? Markman explaines the bullish signals he sees for the markets as well as why there...

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