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TDI Podcast: Jim Rogers’s Best Ideas (#424)

Guest: Jim Rogers discusses some of his best ideas. Russia, gold, Iran and even the agriculture sector is on the table. We also get into why he thinks that the U.S. dollar is doomed and how other currencies may eventually take its place as the go-to currency for world trade.

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TDI Podcast: China’s Want Generation with Eric Fish (#423)

Guest: Eric Fish, author of China’s Millennials, The Want Generation helps us understanding the changing demographics in China. We also look into how socioeconomic changes are under way as well as some of the benefits and problems it is creating.

In this episode we also take a look into what is...

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China Economic Series – (Charts)

China reported GDP over the weekend and it was a disappointment in that there is a considerable slowing continues. Even though most countries would be happy with a 7.5% level, that is far below what has been expected for China.

Looking at the manufacturing, exports and imports also confirms that there...

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Big Trouble in Little China

The reality that China is slowing much more than had been anticipated in reverberating throughout the world. With the latest “recalibration” of the import/export numbers there is now a sense that none of the numbers can be trusted. Even worse, if those that are manipulating the reports are...

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Economic DataWatch: China (Quandary for the Government)

China released their manufacturing and service industry reports on Sunday night. Manufacturing came in very soft and the service sector seems to be holding up. Once again this adds more questions regarding the export numbers that they reported last month.

Take a look at the Economic DataWatch:China that we included below...

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China’s Economic Reports Show Slowing

The recent reports that show China’s economy slowly gaining traction have come to an abrupt halt. Even though there was a moment of excitement that the exports jumped on a year-over-year basis, that was quickly tempered as the import numbers showed a sharp slowdown.

Consumer prices are creeping up while industrial...

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China Sex Problems – 1960’s Culture

Does this mean that China is now where America was in the 1960’s? Think about it for a minute. They are feeling the industrial revolution in full swing and have a new outlook on their lives. Where is Jefferson Airplane in all of this?

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