Date Published Title Guest Podcast Topics Stocks Audio
Dec 13, 2015 TDI Podcast: Never Say This To Investors (#442)

Market meltdown, Stock to Watch, Economics, Oil prices, Junk Bonds (SPY), (USO), (M), (FXI), (YANG), (YINN), (KMI), (FCX) play
Sep 13, 2015 TDI Podcast: Catnip for Markets With Tadas Viskanta (#429)

Tadas Viskanta

Fed's next move, China, economics, hedge funds (AAPL), (OIL), (YANG) play
Aug 02, 2015 TDI Podcast: China’s Want Generation with Eric Fish (#423)

Eric Fish

China, Federal Reserve, Global Economics, Stocks, Facebook, Twitter, Crude Oil (YANG), (SHAK), (TWTR), (FB), (XLE) play
May 31, 2015 TDI Podcast: China’s 股市泡沫 … GÇ”shì pàomò (#415)

Greek exit, China market bubble, U.S. Economics (FXI), (GREK), (NBG), (YANG), (EURO), (YEN) play
Apr 19, 2015 TDI Podcast: Brian Shannon “It’s Only Price that Pays” (#409)

Brian Shannon

Technical Analysis. Time Frames, China (YINN), (YANG), (USO) play