Date Published Title Guest Podcast Topics Stocks Audio
Mar 19, 2017 TDI Podcast: Catching Up (#501)

Economic Conditions, Slowing high-end real estate sales, gold and the fed, listener's questions (NUGT), (GLD), (GDX) play
Dec 18, 2016 TDI Podcast: College Savings Plan with Brad Baldridge (#489)

Brad Baldridge

College Planning, Fed Update, End of year plan (NUGT), (GLD), (GDX) play
Jun 12, 2016 TDI Podcast: Brexit, Leveraged ETFs and Outlook (#466)

Leveraged ETFs, Markets, Central Banks, Brexit (GDX), (NUGT), (DUST) play
Jul 14, 2013 TDI Podcast: The Market Got it Wrong(?), Europe Downgraded and Morality (#321)

Jon Markman

Steve Randy Waldman

Steve Randy Waldman

Europe Downgrades, Stocks to Watch, Gold Surge, Oil, China Eco (NUGT), (ALXN), (T), (GLD), (LEAP) play
Jun 30, 2013 TDI Podcast: Bloomberg’s Cady North and Trading the Miners (#320)

Cady North

Market setup, Bonds, Eco Surprise index,Retail Stocks (NUGT), (YEN), (AAPL), (GLD), (BBRY) play
Apr 28, 2013 TDI Podcast: Central Banks are Doing What? (#311)

Central Banks, Yen, Earnings, Economics, Tweet Crash, Gold, Oil (NFLX), (DUST), (NUGT), (SLCA), (QCOR) play