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Dec 03, 2017TDI Podcast: Frank Curzio Says Retail Is Not Dead! (#537)

Frank Curzio

Retail stocks, Political tensions, Algos, Global Economics(JCP), (M), (KSS), (AMZN), (DBD), (MB), (SLB) play
Nov 25, 2017TDI Podcast: Retail, Bitcoin Stocks and Giving Thanks (#536)

CryptoCurrency stocks, Retail winners and losers, Giving Thanks, Economic Reports,Market Update(M), (KSS), (JCP), (SHLD), (DDS), (DKS), (UAA), (WMT), (TGT), (HD), (LOW), (AMZN), (GBTC), (RIOT), (SRAX), (XNET), (OSTK), (MGTI) play
May 14, 2017TDI Podcast: The Robo Rip , SNAP and Banger (#509)

SNAP Earnings, Robo Advice, Economics, Big Box Retail Carnage(SNAP), (SPY), (M), (DDS), (KSS), (JCP), (STRP), (UP), (DOWN), (AMZN), (FB) play
Mar 23, 2014TDI Podcast: Jack Schwager’s Little Book (#356)

Jack Schwager

(JCP), (BOFI), (STZ), (NOK), (UBNT), (OKE), (CBI), (ACI), (MPC), (NLY), (RAD), (GNRC), (HHC) play
Dec 08, 2013TDI Podcast: Option Strategies with Larry McMillan (#342)

Larry McMillan

Options, Markets, Bitcoin, Stocks, Employment(ULTA), (ARO), (JCP), (GLD) play
Nov 17, 2013TDI Podcast: Value Investing with Vitaliy and The NSA Backlash (#339)

Vitaliy Katsenelson

China Economics, Market trend, Value Investing(TSLA), (JCP), (AAPL), (IBM play
Sep 22, 2013TDI Podcast: Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on Europe’s Coming Crisis (Episode #331)

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Europe crisis, Stimulus, Central Banks, KRI, Emerging markets(AAPL), (JCP), (X), (AWAY) play
Sep 02, 2013TDI Podcast: Lining Up The Next Trade and Free Webinars (#328)

China and Europe Economics, Stocks to Watch, Syria, India, Unemployment, Economics, Commitment of Traders(IFN), (FIVE), (CLF), (JCP) play
Aug 18, 2013TDI Podcast: Worst Week, KRI Indicator, Tools You Need (#326)

Economic, Fed Taper, KRI Indicator, Listener questions, (JCP) earnings, Gold and Egypt(CLF), (X), (AAPL), (JCP), (WMT), (Crude), (Gold) play
Mar 03, 2013TDI Podcast: Yen Mania, More Warning Signs and The Sour Apple

Yen, Market Correction, Activist Investors, Economics(OIL), (YEN), (AAPL), (FXY), (JCP) play
Dec 30, 2012TDI Podcast: 2013 Gameplan with Larry Williams (#294)

Larry Williams

IBD Market Trend, Market Cycles, Europe, China, Earnings(AAPL), (HPQ), (JCP) play
Sep 23, 2012TDI Podcast: Stalling and Rallying at the Same Time with Scott O’Neil (#281)

Scott O'Neill

Stocks, Trends , Strategy, Charts(ADBE), (FB), (VIX), (GMCR) (JCP) play
Aug 12, 2012TDI Podcast: Market Equilibrium and the Central Bank Rally (#275)

Europe, China Economics, Paul Ryan, Corn, Market Trend(CMG) (SAFM) (PPG) (TSN) (JCP) (VRA) (BWLD) play