Date Published Title Guest Podcast Topics Stocks Audio
Jun 16, 2019 TDI Podcast: The Widow-Maker Trade (#616)

Chris Vecchio

Currency Trading, FOMC Decision, Stock Market Pulse, MMT BYND), (CHWY), (SPY), (DXY), (EURO), (YEN) play
May 31, 2015 TDI Podcast: China’s 股市泡沫 … GÇ”shì pàomò (#415)

Greek exit, China market bubble, U.S. Economics (FXI), (GREK), (NBG), (YANG), (EURO), (YEN) play
May 17, 2015 TDI Podcast: Michael Covel Talks Turtles and Trends (#413)

Michael Covel

Trend following, How to trade, Economics for the week ahead, Trinity Industries (TRN), Greece Outlook (TRN), (SPY), (EURO) play
Feb 08, 2015 TDI Podcast: The EuroZone Domino Theory (#399)

Europe and Greece, Earnings, GoPro, Listener Questions (SPY), (EURO), (USO), (GPRO), (AAPL) play
Mar 17, 2013 TDI Podcast: Power Technicals with Tom McClellan and Carter Worth (#305)

Carter Worth

Tom McClellan

Tom McClellan

Yen, Europe Bailout, Currency, KRI, Cyprus, technical Analysis (AAPL), (Euro), (FXY) play
Feb 03, 2013 TDI Podcast: Emerging Markets With Tim Seymour, New Commodity ALERTS! (#299)

Tim Seymour

Emerging Markets, Commodities, Economics, Earnings (VALE), (PBR), (YEN), (Euro) play