Month: December 2016

Are Valuations Flashing A Warning Signal?

The end of the year is finally here and what a wild year it was. Starting off with a significant swoon at the beginning, 2016 ended with a massive post-election rally. The Fed was accomodative throughout and only raised rates once, even though they had projected four hikes.

Disregarding all of...

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Economic Indicator Status and Trend

As discussed in our previous quarterly, there is a cycle and relation of Fed Action and the economy.  We discussed how we may be moving from a dovish fed and stronger economy to a more hawkish fed with also a stronger economy.  As economic data continues to improve,...

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DHUnplugged #343: Its a Wrap Rap

The last show of the year – and what a great year it has been! Markets providing great opportunities as news giving us endless topics to discuss. Why do people listen to DHUnplugged? We have a good list of answers from listeners that you may want to hear. Also, some...

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A Look Back to Our Quarterly Commentary

Last quarters economic commentary and review titled “The Fed’s Next Sequel: Rocky XXXVI” discussed Economic Cycles,

The Impending December Rate Hike, The Make-Up of the Federal Reserve as well as some insight into the trends in economic data.  Have a look below at what was released at the beginning of...

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TDI Podcast: What We Learned In 2016 (#490)

Over the past year a good deal of what we thought we knew – wasn’t. Dire consequences for markets were predicted if Brexit were to occur. Donald Trump being elected was supposed to sink markets and negative rates were going to beneficial. Now we know that was all bunk.

In this...

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