Month: March 2016

DHUnplugged # 307: The Soft Dove Does it Again!

Another day, another speech. This time from Chairman Yellen who now says that inflation readings are transitory and the Fed has more scope for further accommodative actions. In other words : MORE STIMULUS as their outlook is looking wrong again. So, if at first (or second, third etc) you don’t...

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TDI Podcast – Hey Fed…Incentivize Us! (#456)

With the holiday shortened week, trading volume was anemic as stocks swayed to the downside. GDP results were announced as was a new gauge on corporate profits. There was not much excitement, but there are some economic reports coming this week that will provide another look at the intentions of...

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DHUnplugged #306: The Blackout Looms Large

As earnings season approaches, companies will be in their blackout periods, unable to buy their stocks through certain repurchase plans. Without that added liquidity, what will result?

U.S. markets are flirting with unchanged for the year as the massive rally   over the past few weeks has pushed valuations back into...

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TDI Podcast – Frederick Vettese (#455)

Frederick Vettese is our guest as we explore some of the common ideas that have to do with retirement planning. Fred dispels some of the myths that we have grown to believe are truths within the area of planning for our future and provides some real-life guidelines to help us...

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DHUnplugged #305: From Unicorn to UniCorpse

It has been a busy couple of weeks while DHunplugged was on a short vacation. Markets rally, oil climbs and central banks are getting more aggressive.

China is still in terrible shape, but investors are still looking for more stimulative actions to come to the rescue.

It will be a big week...

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