Month: February 2016

TDI Podcast: Rules-Based Investment Strategies (#452)

Markets rally during the week and we look at whether this is something that is the start of a sustainable move or simply end of month window-dressing. With China starting this week off by lowering the Yuan reference rate, we wonder if this is the start of an epic devaluation...

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DHUnplugged #304: An Infestation of Raccoons and Bears

The debate over the effectiveness of central bank actions is raging on. Once an investor’s best friend, confidence is waning and markets are reacting. Following the best week of 2016, equities are once again seeing weakness as oil falls on OPEC comments.

The bearish position is strengthening, but should this be...

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TDI Podcast: A Banquet of Facts with Das (#451)

In this episode, we spend some time with Das and discuss some of the interesting revelations from his new book. We also discuss the outlook for markets as central bankers seem to have gone well outside their bounds.

Plus a discussion on the upcoming economic and earnings coming this week as...

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Listeners Review TDI Podcast

Just some of the recent comments on the TDI Podcast:

Look Forward to it Every Week
By John E.
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for doing your podcast. I have been a listener from the beginning and have never been disappointed with the content or interesting guests.Read More

DHUnplugged #303: Waiting on China’s Left Hook

Oil soars on news that there will be a production cut, then sours after the announcement of a production freeze. Waiting on the “left-hook” devaluation from China after they pledged to keep the Yuan strong.

Draghi promises the world that more stimulus is on tap and Japan continues to believe that...

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