Month: September 2015

DHUnplugged #285: The Question On Everyone’s Mind

It has been a wild couple of weeks and we are back to answer the question on everyone’s mind: What is happening? Will markets continue to sell off or is this just another buying opportunity. In this episode we dive deep into the more important reasons to explain what is...

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TDI Podcast: Mixed Market Signals and Biotechs (#431)

The reversal on Friday was just one more sign that there is a serious distribution process ongoing. This is a time that market participants will shoot first and ask questions later. Be on alert for potential sell-offs and be skeptical of all rallies (until proven otherwise).

In this episode, the...

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TDI Podcast: The Fed Blinked (#430)

The Fed blew – let’s face it. The whole promise of transparency faded with this meeting and confidence in the ability of Central Banks is in question. Do they have the firepower left to stop the world from dropping back into a recession?

In this episode we dive into cyber-security...

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DHUnplugged #284- Apple Blew It!

The recent reveal from Apple regarding their newest products have left many feeling like there is a lack of innovation these days. We do know that Steve Jobs would have hated one particular product that was announced.

Only a few more days until the potential for a historic Fed meeting –...

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TDI Podcast: Catnip for Markets With Tadas Viskanta (#429)

Guest,  Tadas Viskanta helps us understand reasons why the media is so infatuated with the Fed. We discuss China, Europe ans well as the U.S economy. Tadas also provides us with some insight on his favorite areas to invest right now.

Also in this episode we look at a potential...

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