A Look At Our Friends Spearman and Trend/Stall (Chart Prep)

A winning effort begins with preparation.
Joe Ginns

The Spearman Indicator is something that we have been watching for the past several months as it has done a good job at signaling the changing trends of the markets. The chart below shows that, for the S&P 500 Index, the Spearman Indicator has now crossed below the setup/average line. This is a warning that there is the potential for a change in trend approaching.

According to the indicator’s creator, a cross ABOVE or BELOW the zero line is what is most important to note and action can be taken if that condition is confirmed. For now, this should be looked at as a strong move lower for the indicator, but in the context of a longer term uptrend.

We have added Bloomberg’s Trend/Stall indicator   to the chart to show that there is agreement between the two indicators. The bottom line is that this provides an update and alert to be prepared for a turn if it is confirmed.