Month: December 2011

Volatility Index: Has Fear Subsided or Just Seasonality

Levels of the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) have been steadily creeping lower.   Fear in our minds has certainly not subsided, despite the “Bazooka” introduced by Europe and the not so steady rise in equity prices.   We haven‘t seen these levels of VIX (i.e. Sub 21) since July of...

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Employment Data Appears to be Getting Better!

Initial claims have come in now 3 straight weeks and 6 out of the last 7 weeks under 400k.   This is remarkable considering the employment situation that we are currently facing.     It is important to see that we are making a marked improvement as the trend (4-Week...

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Oil Inventories: Where is the Oil?

Major demand or maybe just a lack of inventory was seen today in the Department of Energy’s Oil Inventory report.   Major draw downs in inventory stocks were seen across the board.

Crude showed a drop of 10.57 Million barrels vs. expectations of a dip of only 2.125 Million barrels

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China’s Economy Leaves Room for more Monetary Easing

There is greater speculation that the People’s Bank of China will begin easing monetary policy again.   China has successfully tightened over the last few months by increasing interest rates thereby cutting down inflation measures.   This success has put them in a good position to begin easing again which...

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Bank of America (BAC) Reaches Financial Crisis Levels

Bank of America is down by approximately 4.5% on the day and is trading below $5 for the first time since March of 2009.   Bank of America shares have been under extreme pressure in the past year as the European debt crisis strengthens and the foreclosure market remains unresolved.


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