Month: April 2011

Trina Solar (TSL) – Best of The Bunch

Trina Solar (TSL) and most of the solar companies have had a hard time gaining traction recently. With the cost of oil approaching $108 a barrel and the flap over nuclear energy, it would seem that this is a sector that could benefit.

Just a yesterday, Saudi Arabia announced their commitment...

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TDI Podcast 207: Rally or Collapse? Discerning The Signals

Andrew spends this episode digging into the main drivers that will shape the coming market rally or collapse. With the worldwide headwinds and the earnings season approaching, this is a “make it of break it” time for markets. Surely there will be some wild action as the government continues with...

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Links and Reading for April 4th

Some of the more interesting and important items for April 4th :

Southwest 737 cracks may be a wider problem – MarketWatch – NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Southwest Airlines Co. may just be the first of many carriers to undergo an inspection of its Boeing 737-300 fleet, after part of the...

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They Say There Is No Link… COME ON!

The gang in Washington has said time and time again that there is no link between the sinking U.S. dollar and global inflation. OK, so let’s say we believe that.

How about the inexplicable link of the Euro/Dollar to the movement in the S&P 500? The correlation (daily basis since April...

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