Fed’s Beige Book – Color Coded

Making it easy to understand the economic reports, we like to simply color code the “good” and the “not so good” areas.If there is not color coding, that means that there is no real positive or negative from the information.

Overall, the report continues to show that the U.S. is still in a manufacturing recovery that is plugging along. Housing is still a wildcard and that will take some time to sort out. One thing we know is that until the government stops supplying the banks with unlimited funds at ZERO interest rates, there is no incentive for them to lend.


  • Fed Says Changes In Loan Demand `Mixed’ Across 12 Districts
  • Fed Says Most Regions Saw Increase In Non-Financial Services
  • All Fed Banks Except St. Louis Reported Growth In Manufacturing
  • Several Fed Banks Said Commercial Real Estate Sales Improved
  • Fed Banks Said Level Of Home Sales, Construction `Remained Low’
  • Fed: Retail Sales Rose In All Regions Except Richmond, Atlanta
  • Fed Banks Said Economy Expanded At `Modest To Moderate Pace’
  • Fed Says Labor Market Strengthened On Manufacturing, Retail
  • Fed Says Manufacturing, Retail Reported `Rising Input Costs’
  • Fed Says Wage Pressures Were `Minimal Across All Districts’
  • Fed Says `Lending Standards Remained Tight’ In Most Regions