Month: February 2010

PIGS: CDS Pricing Shows the Default Risk Clearly

Amazing how the cost has spiked even higher than the worst we saw at the pinnacle of disaster in late 2008. CDS pricing to insure against default on the sovereign debt of the PIGS are skyrocketing.

The chart below provides a good view of just how bad it really is. Not...

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Initial Claims Charts – This is Recovery?

Blamed on the weather this time, the initial claims are creeping quickly toward the 500,000 mark. This is not what the trend had been showing and took investors off-guard and provided fresh reason to sell.

Continuing claims (the “old” stat) is leveling off and looks as though...

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Natural Gas (UNG) – A Strategy for Profit

We have taken a stake in Natural Gas through the United States Gas Fund (UNG) ETF. Traditionally we have shied away from this as there has been an epic departure from its performance as compared to the actual price of natural gas. But looking at the recent weather...

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Oil Inventories and The Facts (USO)

There were mixed numbers from both the API and the DOE. On Tuesday night, the API came out with numbers that showed a large draw-down in Oil inventories but a significant gain in gasoline inventories. Yet, as we have seen before the next day, the report by the DOE showed...

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Netflix (NFLX) – Seeing a 15% Drop Potential

Netflix (NFLX) was a favorite pick of ours recently until we saw several pieces of news and information that made us rethink this position. In fact, we sold off our last piece of it just yesterday for a handsome profit.

Now there are several reasons not to own the stock ass...

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