Month: August 2009

S&P 500 Magnet to 960 or 1060?

Here is a quick and dirty look at two possibilities for the direction of the S&P 500. One shows a magnet toward 960, which would not seem impossible. The other shows that the top end on an intermediate basis may be close to 1060.

The 1060 is also the recent Goldman...

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Foreign Treasuries Holders – Is China Selling?

Interesting report out yesterday on the foreign holders of U.S. Treasury securities. In the last TDI PODCAST, Mish and I spoke about the reasons why China needs to continue purchasing U.S. assets. In other words, the fear over China stopping purchases and/or significantly reducing their holdings is unrealistic…. or is...

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Looking at AsiaInfo Holdings – (ASIA)

We have been interested in AsiaInfo Holdings for some time and patiently waited until it came into our price zone. Today at $15.50 or so, we added an initial position to TDIMG portfolios. If the idea holds that there are hundreds of millions of users in China that...

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DH Unplugged 31: A Horrible Situation

Here is the latest conversation . new insights for anyone who invests in anything. We are now adding stock tips and things to look for. This chat is presented as-is for anyone who wants to listen in. Among other things, this week we talk about Consumer Confidence going...

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NAHB HomeBuilders Index – Is this Good?

The South is really not doing well and overall the NAHB   Homebuilders index is also suffering from total stagnation. While we are seeing a bit of improvement in the FUTURE index, the PRESENT index is stable at best. This is not what the markets are looking for at these...

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