Month: April 2009

Links and Reading for April 27th

Some of the more interesting and important items for April 27th :

Florida State-Created Insurer to Lead $6 Billion in Muni Sales – – A key indication of risk level for investors
Rats Feed Off U.K. Recession as Trash Mounts, Buildings Empty – For British rats, the worst of times...

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Video: The FASB Rip-Off

This is one of the most horrific changes that we have seen as of yet. Financials are able to hide more and create fantasy earnings from the recent change, that is grotesque…

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TDI Podcast 106: ZeroHedge and Mish-O-Nomics

Guests: Mish Shedlock and ZeroHedge present views on the markets and the mayhem. We review economics, fundamentals and basic flaws with the entire system. Andrew discusses the not-so-stressful stress tests and what is the probable outcome along with a few investment ideas.


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A Collection of Swine Talk (and Outbreak Map)

Amazing stories emerging and panic setting in as the world wonders what to make of this. From a small bit of reading, it seems that there is no known cure and that it is now being blamed for over 80 deaths in Mexico. Cases in Canada and Australia are now...

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Sunday Fun: 30,000 Members Can’t All Be Wrong


It‘s crucial in these trying economic times to stretch every penny you spend to grow your trading knowledge. Some companies charge thousands for products and services that are only meant to tease members into buying the next product or service.

INO TV is the only place where over 30,000...

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