Month: October 2008

Links and Reading for October 11th

A few of the more important reading items and links for October 11th :

Investors press for Yahoo sale – Yahoo! would love a second chance at $33. Good luck!
Goldman Sachs Takes on Dr. Doom – Goldman Sachs is squaring off with Nouriel Roubini
YouTube to Offer Full TV Shows...

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Video: EURO unraveling?

What was supposed to be the world’s currency from a grand plan that brought together the major European economies new may have more risk than ever. Remember, early on, after a shaky start the Euro bounced back and was slated to take over as the world as the central currency.


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The Short-Selling ban HURT investors

What is the difference between the U.S. and the Russian economy? Answer: In Russia, they do not pretend to be capitalists. Seriously though, it appears that we are getting closer to nationalizing many of the broken industries that still remain in the U.S. such as automobiles, airlines, financials and who...

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Capitulation? 3 Positions I am adding…

I am disgusted and disillusioned. I am sure you are as well. Here is my latest journal from the MSN Strategy Lab (I am currently in 2nd place)

I find myself repeating seven words over and over lately: “This is not funny” and “Oh my God.” The S&P 500 has been...

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Links and Reading for October 9th

A few of the more important reading items and links for October 9th :

Should we bail out our kids? – Many young adults are heavily leveraged. Average student loans among the two-thirds of college undergraduates who have borrowed rose an estimated 5% in the past year alone, to $22,000, says...

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