Month: October 2008

TDI Podcast 78: Barry’s Big Picture

Guest: Barry Ritholtz, CEO of FusionIQ and founder of the popular blog, The Big Picture. We discuss Cramer’s Monday sell-everything call along with market sentiment and the reasons it may be a good time to start thinking about the long side. Barry has held a bearish sentiment for...

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Oversold Charts – Lots of ’em

I spent a good amount of time this weekend trolling for charts and other indications of anything that looks even remotely healthy to buy. We added a few positions to the TDI Managed Growth Strategy on the open Friday morning which worked out very well.

Now, if we have a follow...

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Links and Reading for October 12th

A few of the more important reading items and links for October 12th :

Microsoft gives Windows XP six more months – Just can get enough of a good thing or can't get used to a bad one?
Forget the front desk: Hotels go high tech – Iphone and Itouch go...

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Sunday Fun: The Chart Voyeur

Here is a really great way to look into what others are thinking and learn in the process. If you go over the StockCharts, they have a service that allows you to watch what charts others are building with all of their indicators and analysis.

It even auto-refreshes ever 30 seconds...

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