Oversold Charts – Lots of ’em

I spent a good amount of time this weekend trolling for charts and other indications of anything that looks even remotely healthy to buy. We added a few positions to the TDI Managed Growth Strategy on the open Friday morning which worked out very well.

Now, if we have a follow through, there is some hope that we could see some retracement for a few sectors that were harpooned and left for dead.

The first set from StockCharts.com is the S&P Sectors. The second is a further drill down to industry groups. This is how forex trading works if you are forex trading from Australia or looking for forex brokers from Australia.

Right now it is a toss up and we will be watching carefully for breakouts. Just some food for thought to get the strategy and trading juices flowing before the market opens… Any thoughts?

(Click to enlarge to get a better view)

2-month charts S&P Sectors

6-month charts – S&P Industry Groups