Month: September 2008

TDI Podcast 73: Tesla #16 – Fast Cars and Faster Markets

Guest: Jason McCabe Calacanis and Andrew discuss fast cars and faster markets. Technology to Tesla and back. We also have a hearty conversation about what is on the horizon for tech and how to benefit. Andrew also digs into the current situation with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and gives...

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Why I am short MasterCard

My latest MSN Strategy Lab Journal Update: Lately there has been a generally accepted theory that credit card issuers with exposure to loan losses will have great difficulty in this slowing economy, while card companies that simply earn money from transactions will thrive.

That’s incorrect.

The latter group contains two well-known companies,...

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Google Chrome: Direct Attack on Microsoft

I wrote an overview today of what the release of Google’s Chrome browser may mean. Here is the ecerpt that can be also found on MSN Money:

The browser war just heated up. Actually, it has now gone nuclear. It was one thing when open-source Mozilla had a “cute” idea for...

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TDI Podcast 72: The Oil Bluff That Backfired

Guest: Chris Jolley, MSN Money tells us about the next generation of the the Microsoft Money product and Andrew explains how the “oil bluff” was just called.   It took a hurricane to flush it out and now sub-$100 is looking like a real possibility. What we really...

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