Month: March 2008

Motorola: Secret Meeting Transcript

It is amazing that shareholders put up with this horrific decision making. Instead of the company splitting into two, how about a brand new board of directors along with a new management team. True to the old adage: An new broom sweeps clean…

I wonder if this is what happens behind...

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$1,200,000,000,000 and counting

A report released at 1:30pm EST by Goldman Sachs is estimating that the global credit crisis is going to cost over a trillion dollars. Unfortunately, only a fraction of the amount has been written off so far. The analyst estimates that 40% of the amount will be seen in the...

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Capital One Downgrade

Follow up from yesterday’s comments and trashing of Capital One (COF). It seems that we are not alone on this.
COF: Downgraded – JAGNote by Friedman, Billings, Ramsey Co., Inc.
COF: Downgraded – The firm noted they are downgrading shares of COF to Underperform from Market Perform and reiterating a...

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Double Whammy: Bank-Card Companies are Next

Aside from Visa (V) or Mastercard (MA), it doesn’t seem as if the credit card issuers have been getting the attention they deserve. With all of the panic and concern surrounding the brokers and builders, perhaps plates are too full to take on any more. Yet, I have been...

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TDI Episode 49: Pharma Huckman’s Market

Guest: Mike Huckman, CNBC Pharmaceutical Reporter brings great deal of timely information regarding the Pharma and Biotech sectors. We discuss Merck (MRK), Amgen (AMGN), Genentech (DNA), Dendreon (DNDN), Pfizer (PFE) and others.

Mike’s writes a terrific blog and appears daily on CNBC.

Andrew discusses the current markets and provides a few...

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