Month: January 2008

Yahoo! and AOL to Merge?

Just for fun…. Click the video below and ask yourself if something looks a touch familiar about of the AOL and Yahoo! sites. Click it over and over.

With all of the problems that both companies have encountered (GOOGLE) and the competition they endure (GOOGLE), it would be of great...

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VMWare in Despair – Charting the History

Brian Shannon from AlphaTrends provides us a history perspective of VMWare (VMW) shares. The video helps to shed some light on the setup and why the stock is taking such a pounding. A great lesson in technical analysis.

See also: VMWare: A WallStreet Chainsaw Massacre

Disclosure: Horowitz & Company clients hold...

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VMWare – A WallStreet Chainsaw Massacre

Watching shares prices bludgeoned is never fun. After hours Monday, VMWare (VMW) bled and the red kept on coming like a scene from a third rate horror flick. The real scare is that there could be more to come.

For some time, we have been concerned about the potential implosion in...

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eBay disappoints: Going to $10?

Last week, eBay announced a rather lackluster earnings report citing several factors for the miss. In addition, the long acting CEO, Meg Whitman will also step down making was for new ideas that may help to stop the ongoing share decline. If you were one of the unlucky ones that...

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TDI Episode 42: Put Up or Shut Up!

Guest: Covestor Co-Founder Rikki Tahta is our guest as we look into a new paradigm of investment advice. This episode starts with a way to buy stocks with less risk and an important discussion about the recent and swift rotation that now favors growth over value. Apple (AAPL) is used...

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