Month: August 2007

A Miracle: Bush Parting the Bankrupt Sea

If the today’s economic story can be related to bible story, it would have to be the one where Moses parted the Red Sea. Back then, Pharaohs soldiers were chasing the Jews towards a dead end represented by the Red Sea. Then, after much hoping and praying, a miracle...

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Placations for a Financial Crisis – The Planner’s Playbook

There has been a series of financial planners on CNBC and other media outlets that have been discussing the recent market turmoil‘s effect on clients. Specifically, there has been interest in whether or not clients have been calling and freaking out. This morning on CNBC, Alice Finn a financial planner...

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Good News for Hedge Fund Rats

Geron (GERN) a biotech company involved in Stem Cell research announced that they have seen success as human stem cells proved regenerative in the damaged hearts of rats.

The Menlo Park, Calif., biopharmaceutical company said the study’s data demonstrated that heart muscle cells derived from human embryonic stem cells improved heart...

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Press: Interview on

I spent some time today talking with my friend Aaron Task from Aaron is a very bright guy and has a keen understanding of the markets. Lately, he has been thinking about the volatile market action and is looking to find evidence that will show if we are in...

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Bank of America – Last Man Standing

There is a fine line between brilliance and stupidity. In the world of finance and investing, that line can sometimes be measured by risk and reward. If the decision made by an investor turns out to be profitable, then we look at the outcome as a result of either luck...

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