Good News for Hedge Fund Rats

Geron (GERN) a biotech company involved in Stem Cell research announced that they have seen success as human stem cells proved regenerative in the damaged hearts of rats.Sub Prime Rat

The Menlo Park, Calif., biopharmaceutical company said the study’s data demonstrated that heart muscle cells derived from human embryonic stem cells improved heart function in rats when those cells were transplanted after heart attack. This comes at a great time as there has been an incredible amount of heartache that has been felt by many of the over leveraged hedge fund rats managers, it is about time that someone is looking for a cure. The fact is that is is awful that they have to suffer simply because of their uncontrollable greed. It is an illness and surely not intentional.

These stem cells will be put to good use as there has been an apparent outbreak of manager heartache as they have had to explain to their clients that they may not be able to provide withdrawal privileges as they underestimated the effect of 100%+ leverage. Maybe someone should have explained to these geniuses managers that if they play with fire they may get burned. While they are unemployed back in school, maybe they should also think about the millions of people they effected this time around.

It is our sincere hope that the sub-species of Primus Rat-eous (originating from the Banking Sector) will also benefit from this biotech breakthrough. The sad fact is that these particular little fellas have been recently found scrounging for food and shelter as they have been kicked out of their usual haunts. There are indications that there will be more sightings and a significant increase in the number of cases of heartache with these particular rats. FEAR THEM! They are very dangerous and will do anything to get to your money….