Month: June 2007

TDI Podcast 17: From Seat 3A

From Seat 3A on the way to Russia. Review of CROX trade (OH YEAH), an idea for profiting from Apple iPhone. Blackrock IPO went south, no kidding..was only setup to benefit the insiders anyway. We discuss the opportunities in Northern Europe. Chatting from 35,000 above the Atlantic.

Book Pre-orders are...

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To Russia with My Love

Each summer, Jill (my wonderful wife) and I send the kids off to camp and the house becomes relatively quiet except for the echoes of keyboards clicking and questions concerning dining choices. We have a wonderful time getting to know each other again as we have time to be with...

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Mutual Funds for Uncertain Times

As the market moves higher, it is difficult to continually commit money to new investments. Concern over the potential for a market fall is ever present and this is when a select group of mutual funds may make sense. In total they are called Market-Neutral funds. Each will approach the...

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Best Buy Apple

For a couple of years now, Apple (AAPL) and Best Buy (BBY) have been rumored to be getting more friendly. Back in 2006, there was discussion about the chance for Apple to enter into an agreements and start selling products within the Best Buy stores which never panned out.

Apple had...

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TDI Podcast 15: Day Trading University

Day Trading Basics – FREE TRADING COURSE OFFER. Investing is a Game, Trading is a Job. Fausto Puglises President and Founder of CyberTrading University was an original “SOES Bandit”.

What is best way to trade and how can individuals trade and make money from Day Trading? A history of the trading...

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