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Friday Stock Screen : Great Expectations for Profits

It is Friday afternoon and the markets have not been fun to watch. It has been a long week… So, what better way to spend the day than doing some research and combing through a few stock screens. Here is one that may help to generate some ideas.

According to the...

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SAPI Slugs 2008 – Quant Screen Results

S&P Index Slugs (SAPI Slugs) Adapted from Pages 44-45 of The Disciplined Investor – Essential Strategies for Success

According to MSN Money, this simple but effective value search presents a pure yield play. It is similar but potentially superior to the better-known “Dogs of the Dow” search we reviewed on...

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Screen: Dogs of the Dow – 2008 Preview

Each year, the Dogs-of-the-Dow are recalculated in January to find the 10 DJIA members with the highest dividend yield. This year there have been few changes to the names that look to be included in this strategy for 2008. Some of the reason is because of the problems that occurred...

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Earnings Momentum and Analyst Upgrade Screen

I have been busy. Too busy. It has been a whirlwind of book, audiobook, podcast, clients, portfolios and much more. So, I apologize for not being close to the keyboard. That said, I realized that there were many emails and many comments about two recent posts that focused on...

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Stock Valuation – Sears in Focus

(Excerpt from The Disciplined Investor, pages 90-91) There are several types of assets a company can own. Each business is different but all will have some combination of capital stock, land, some form of real estate, inventory, trucks and many other items of value. These assets will have differing abilities to create profits as well as levels of liquidity. Some assets are characterized as tangible while others may be considered use or even current.

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PEG Ratio Plays

Excerpt from The Disciplined Investor (pages 84-85) The P/E ratio is helpful when looking at the relative valuation of one stock as compared to another, but it is only usefu when accompanied by the understanding that it should only be used to compare stocks in similar sectors and industries. It would make no sense at all to compare the P/E of a utility stock to the P/E of a technology stock””that would be like comparing apples to oranges.

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The Disciplined Investor – In Stock and Shipping

It is finally here! The book looks great and is now available at a few select bookstores (Amazon, Borders..) as well as THE DISCIPLINED INVESTORE. As this is a very exciting time, I hope that you will help to spread the word by letting your friends and colleagues know about it.

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Quant Investing Primer

Contrarian plays have long been attractive strategies for those investors who do not have the stomachs for high-ratio stocks. By its very nature, this type of strategy will search for those stocks that have fallen from grace within the eyes of the markets. It will also find ones that have never caught fire while growing at rates appropriate to its underlying fundamentals.

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