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Follow Up On Goldman Prop Trading Theft

If you have not heard, the business of market making, trading and money is now under fire. At least at Goldman Sachs (GS). It seems that one of their former employee stole a sophisticated string of code that allows for Goldman to, well…. make tons of money through highly sophisticated...

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China Conspiracy Continues

Well, if you are still unconvinced about a convert and concerted effort by US manufacturers and/or our government against China, take a look at these few items that hit the news today..Do I sound paranoid?: (also see previous post on TDI)

COMMENT on this please on what you think….Look for Poll...

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The China Syndrome- Fact or Fiction?

The original movie, The China Syndrome, starring Jack Lemmon was a “fictional” story about one man‘s mission to stop a nuclear catastrophe from occurring. The title refers to the taunt concept of an American nuclear plant meltdown that will dissolve everything in its path until it eventually reaches all the...

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Rediff.com is Ripe

As Charles Dickens said: “Ain’t I volatile?”.

Rediff.com (REDF) has been as moving with a vengeance over the past few weeks. Starting from an amazing earnings report in May, and then following the usual course of buyout and merger rumors, it has moved from a consolidation range ($16-19)...

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Apple: Here is what comes next for the stock

Unless there is something more the Apple is holding back on (which is very possible) this may be a classic example of buy the rumor, sell the news. The investment play is a gob of options in the form of puts. Yes puts!

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Best Buy Apple

Store employees in Florida Best Buy locations are getting ready for a a new and expanded product line. Several employees (in separate conversations) have confirmed that over 200 stores will be see specific remodeling to include Apple mini stores within the Best Buy stores at key US locations. Best Buy has begun training for the floor salespeople on the Apple product line, which is anticipated to be seen

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BlackStone IPO may Be Delayed by Taxman

axman and Rangel are at it again....According to a news release on Reuters; "New York Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel, chairman of the powerful tax-writing panel, said, "We believe it is imperative that Ways and Means ... conduct a hearing on the important issues surrounding private equity, carried interest and publicly traded partnerships."

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Guitar Center in Play

We have rumors flying around like mosquitoes in the everglades. It is Tuesday and speculation is high about the potential takeover or merger or acquisition or stock buyback or CEO change or whatever can fill the heads of the idea generators. The latest is that Guitar Center is possibly...

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